Public Law

Organisational law, legislation and governance require practical, effective solutions that meet the current social challenges and enforce our democratic foundations. Our decades of experience guarantee practice-oriented advice and representation vis-à-vis institutions, authorities and private individuals.

Our law firm specialises in understanding the essential interactions between the individual and the state. Public law, which forms the basis of our democratic society, has a major impact on various aspects of our daily lives. Mastering its intricacies requires a deep understanding of its framework, procedures and current developments.

Our expertise also encompasses organisational law and focuses on the structure and functioning of public institutions. We assist our clients in understanding the basic mechanisms that sustain these important public institutions.

We monitor and accompany legislative projects. Equally important is governance, i.e. the ability to lead and regulate institutions to ensure effective performance and task fulfilment.

Legislation, regulation and governance are complex and constantly shifting. We help you understand the implications.

What we can do for you.

  • Organisational and strategic consulting: Design and review of organisational structures, distribution of tasks and processes within authorities and institutions.
  • Legislative support: Advice on the drafting, adaptation and review of laws, regulations and other legal provisions.
  • Governance advice: support in implementing governance structures and processes to ensure organisational effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.
  • Legal advice: assistance with public law issues, particularly in relation to organisational structures, legislative processes and governance issues.
  • Representation before public authorities: Representation of your interests vis-à-vis government institutions and in administrative proceedings.
  • Workshops: Education of stakeholders and organisations on the latest developments in public law and specific areas.

Why Arioli Law?

Profound expertise: Our expertise in organisational law, legislation and governance is based on decades of experience and practice-oriented work.

Pragmatic approach: In addition to theoretical knowledge, we emphasise practical, effective solutions that meet real challenges.

Commitment: For us, your concerns are our focus. Our goal is to advise and represent you competently and with commitment