Entertainment Law

Technology is increasingly acting as a dynamic interface in the Entertain­ment industry – especially in music, film and theatre. We advise creators and players on how to legally manage the complexity of their ventures while preserving the artistic vision.

We advise our clients in matters of contract law and copyright, in particular in the film, music and theatre industries. Our expertise covers traditional as well as new media and exploitation possibilities. In addition to licensing and production contracts, our core competences also include strategic IP issues.

With a focus on the entertainment industry, particularly music, film, and theater, we provide legal guidance that empowers creatives and industry players to deal with the legal complexities of their endeavors. We strive to ensure that your artistic vision is both preserved and amplified. We recognize that every project, artist, and production is distinct, and we craft legal strategies that mirror your aspirations while mitigating risks.

With our specialized focus on technology law, we support in the implementation of technological advancements, such as the distribution of creative works through NFTs, gamification of theatre and films, deployment of augmented reality in film, and the fascinating legal questions arising in the context of artificial intelligence and copyright.

What we can do for you.

  • Contract drafting and negotiation of production contracts, director’s agreements, and screenplay contracts
  • Assessments regarding copyright protection
  • Assistance with licensing issues in connection with theatre productions
  • Legal advice on copyright in the context of AI
  • Personal rights in documentary films and consent
  • Legal advice on exploitation options using NFTs

Why Arioli Law?

We hold a special place in our hearts for individuals with creative minds.

Copyright law is essential as it promotes creativity, protects creators' rights, sustains economic growth, maintains cultural diversity, encourages innovation, and establishes a legal framework for the dynamic interaction between creators, users, and society at large. This must be preserved.

Case Studies

  • Contractual advice on NFT projects in the music industry
  • Advice on personal rights of protagonists in documentaries
  • Contractual advice on Swiss television and cinema films
  • Legal advice on copyright matters for game developers
  • Negotiation with publishers on copyright issues in gamification approaches and the use of augmented reality in theatre productions