For many companies, outsourcing has become a standard operating practice. Outsourcing is essentially a means to focus on the core business by obtaining certain services previously provided in-house from a specialized service provider. In an economy where controlling costs is vital, outsourcing seems an option for reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

An outsourcing contract is a long-term relationship between customer and supplier that must be built to change, not built to last. A lean, flexible contract, tailor-made SLAs and the right governance structure are crucial for compliance and contract management and, ultimately, the success of an outsourcing.

I have worked on outsourcing projects for many years, as external counsel as well as in-house with global companies. I have had the opportunity to gain in-depth know-how on the comprehensive challenges in outsourcing projects that goes beyond the mere drafting and negotiation of contractual clauses.

My legal expertise extends from initiation of an outsourcing project, drafting of tender documents (RFI and RFP), drafting / evaluating offers, drafting contractual documents, contract negotiation, legal support of transition, contract changes during the term of the contract and support in the event of termination / resourcing.

My key areas of activity in complex multinational transactions include in particular:

  • IT outsourcing such as desktop services, application management, application development.
  • Business process outsourcing such as outsourcing of the entire procruement organisation, accounts payable/receivable, payroll and HR administration, and facility management.